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 STARON Solid Surfaces

Download STARON PDF Brochure  

Staron Solid Surfaces

Staron® Solid Surfaces created by technology leader, Samsung, is manufactured from a natural mineral refined from bauxite and blended with pure acrylic resin. Staron® Solid Surfaces are suitable not only for commercial projects, but for endless applications around the home including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.  
With a range of over 70 colours to select from, Staron® is aesthetically and functionally pleasing. It can be
thermoformed into flowing curves or sculpted into any shape imaginable. The flexibility of Staron® extends to limitless
edge profiles, drop down edges, splashbacks and tile coves. Selected Staron® colours are also translucent and can be backlit to bring your design to life.
Staron® is seamless – it creates long and wide continuing surfaces with no open or conspicuous joins. With a
collection of integrated Staron® kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities – a seamless bench top space can be created.
No dirt trapping joins or crevices to clean, just one continuous surface that looks and performs like one piece.
Backed by a Samsung 10 year warranty for peace of mind.

Staron is seamless


STARON - Aspen Lily

STARON - Aspen Stucco

STARON - Aspen Milk

STARON - Aspen Chemise

  Aspen Lily AL 645 Aspen Stucco AS 644 Aspen Milk AM 622 Aspen Chemise AC 646 Aspen Putty AP 647  

STARON - Pebble Bluff

STARON - Pebble Chiffon

STARON - Pebble Seastar

Pebble Limestone

Pebble Bluff PB 849 Pebble Chiffon PC 842 Pebble Seastar PS 843 Pebble Limestone PL848 Pebble Dark Green PD 828



STARON - Sanded Chestnut

STARON - Sanded Noir

STARON - Pebble Chocolate

  Sanded Chestnut SC 456 Sanded Noir SN 485 Pebble Chocolate PC 855          



STARON - Talus Oyster

STARON - Pebble Saratoga

STARON - Sanded Gold Dust

STARON - Pebble Gold

STARON - Sanded Ginger

  Talus Oyster TC 310 Pebble Saratoga PS 820 Sanded Gold Dust SG441 Pebble Gold PG840 Sanded Ginger SG 431  

STARON - Talus Sandbar

STARON - Aspen Pepper

STARON - Aspen Brown

STARON - Sanded Mocha

STARON - Aspen Mine

  Talus Sandbar TS345 Aspen Pepper AP 640 Aspen Brown AG 632 Sanded Mocha SM 453 Aspen Mine AM 633  



STARON - Pebble Ebony

STARON - Pebble Sienna

STARON - Sanded Onyx

STARON - Metalic Galaxy


  Pebble Ebony PE 814 Pebble Sienna PS 852 Sanded Onyx SO 423 Metallic Galaxy EG 595 Onyx* ON 095  

STARON - Sunflower

STARON - Univers

STARON - California Poppy

STARON - Cumulus

STARON - Pebble Blue

  Sunflower SS042 Univers SU 053 California Poppy SC 052 Cumulus SC 015 Pebble Blue PB 870  

The above colours of Staron® Solid Surfaces are representations only. Please see a product sample to ensure you are happy with your colour selection. To see full colour range download PDF brocuhure.







STARON - Bright White

STARON - Sanded Iceicle

STARON - Metalic Yukon

STARON - Pebble Frost

STARON - Pebble Ice

  Bright White BW 010 Sanded Icicle SI 414 Metallic Yukon EY 510 Pebble Frost PF 812 Pebble Ice PL 811  

STARON - Pebble Coral

STARON -Aspen Glacier

STARON - Pebble Swan

STARON - Aspen Snow

STARON - Pearl

  Pebble Coral PC 817 Aspen Glacier AG 612 Pebble Swan PS 813 Aspen Snow AS 610 Pearl SP 011  



STARON - Sanded Cream

STARON - Aspen Dew

STARON - Sanded Birch

STARON - Sanded Dover

STARON - Pebble Lagoon

  Sanded Cream SM 421 Aspen Dew AD 615 Sanded Birch SB 412 Sanded Dover SD 413 Pebble Lagoon PL 814  

STARON - Talus Coral

STARON -Aspen Gold Rush

STARON - Natural STARON - Ivory STARON - Pebble Straw  
  Talus Coral TC 210 Aspen Gold Rush AS 610 Natural SV 041 Ivory SI 040 Pebble Straw PS 819  

STARON - Talus Luna

STARON - Sanded Grey STARON - Pebble Grey STARON - Steel      
  Talus Luna TL 385 Sanded Grey TG 420 Pebble Grey PG 810 Steel* ST 023      
  STARON - Tempest Meteor STARON - Tempest Pinnacle STARON - Tempest Confection STARON - Tempest Horizon STARON - Tempest Twilight  
  Tempest Meteor FM 111 Tempest Pinnacle FP 112 Tempest Confection FC 116 Tempest Horizon FH 114 Tempest Twilight FT 113  
  STARON - Tempest Sandpiper STARON - Tempest Shell STARON - Tempest Sierra STARON - Tempest Caraway STARON - Tempest Sonoma  
  Tempest Sandpiper FS 121 Tempest Shell FS 115 Tempest Sierra FS 123 Tempest Caraway FC 155 Tempest Sonoma FS 143  

STARON - Tempest Whiporwill

STARON - Tempest Tektite STARON - Tempest Zenith STARON - Tempest Milestone STARON - Tempest Gold Leaf  
  Tempest Whipporwill FW 145 Tempest Tektite* FT 188 Tempest Zenith FZ 184 Tempest Milestone FM 185 Tempest Gold Leaf* FG 196  
  STARON - Tempest Coffee Bean STARON - Tempest Shimmer STARON - Tempest Blaze        
  Tempest Coffee Bean* FC 158 Tempest Shimmer* FR 148 Tempest Blaze* FB 147          

Colours that display the (E) symbol are a part of the ‘Encore Collection’ and contain a guaranteed percentage of pre-consumer recycled resin and chip content. Each colour displays a percentage to show how much recycled content it contains. Darker colours may show every day wear and tear, including light scratching, more readily in high use horizontal areas (eg. kitchen bench top). To ensure we meet your expectations, customers should be aware of the extra care needed. Scratching is not considered a product defect and hence not covered by the 10 year warranty. These colours are marked with an asterisk (*).

  Staron®  Integrated Kitchen Sinks

Staron Integrated Kitchen Sinks

  Standard Sink Colours: Bright White. Pearl available by special order. A1181 and A3181 standard colours include: Bright White and Pearl.
  Staron®  Integrated Bathroom Vanity Bowls

Staron Integrated Bathroom Vanity Bowls

  Integrated Heat Rods
Staron Integrated Heat Rods Fully integrated into Staron® - heat rods offer a permanent place for hot pots and pans. The rods also lift for easy cleaning.
Tile Cove & Splashbacks
Staron Tile Cove & Splashbacks A Tile cove offers a smooth and clean finish at the back of your bench top, where the bench top meets the splashback.

A 10mm tile cove will eliminate dirt and germ crevices and allow a smooth join to your splashback. Add a Staron® splashback for a seamless kitchen bench top with no open joins.

  Standard Staron®  Edge Profiles
  The following edge profiles are amongst the most popular. Staron® offers the design flexibility and freedom to create your own custom and personalised edge profile. Most bench tops in Staron® are a standard 38mm thick, however the flexibility of Staron® means that any bench top thickness can be created with minimal effort, and staying within your budget. Many other materials only offer a 20mm standard thickness.
  Standard Staron Edge Profiles
  Simple Cleaning
  Most dirt and stains are easily cleaned by using warm soapy water or an ammonia-based cleanser. For a deep clean,
use a white Scotch-Brite® pad, and an abrasive cleanser such as Jif - and clean in a circular motion. Complete the clean by wiping with a soft damp cloth. These steps will rejuvenate the surface, buff away fine scratches, and keep your Staron® surface looking fresh and clean for many years to come.



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